Friday, 10 March 2017

How To: Add New Locos to Your Needs List

Hellfire Version 3.3.8 includes three Inverness Class 08s which will not appear as required in your needs list unless you manually add them.

If you are not maintaining a career file, then adding the Class 08's is pretty straightforward; simply open up your needs list in your favorite text editor (such as Notepad) and add the following locos to the bottom of your list:


Then save your changes and your needs list is ready to roll.

For those of you running careers, the procedure is a little more involved.

Create a new text file containing the above 3 locos (each loco must be on a new line) and save it somewhere handy.  Alternatively, I have created a file you can use here:;topic=875.0;attach=649

Start up Hellfire, and begin a game as normal.  When you get to the screen where you select your career file, select it, and then select Browse For Needs List. Note that you can do this even when you have selected a Career File.

Browse to the text file containing the new locos, and confirm that the path to the file is displayed in the box for Required Locos or Needs List File Name.

Select Start the Game and you should be presented with the following dialog box...

Answer Yes to the above question, and you should get the following...

Make sure you answer Yes to this second question, and the three new Class 08s will appear as required on your needs list.  Note that this differs from the previous post on editing Needs Lists.

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