Wednesday 13 January 2021

How To: Update my Google Earth Hellfire Map

 This might sound like a rather strange topic for a blog post, since the map seems to update automatically.

This is true, but from time to time new features may be added, or the structure of the Hellfire Google Earth Map might change, necessitating a complete deletion and recreation of the Hellfire Map in Google Earth.

Note that performing this task will not result in you losing your route history.

You may be instructed to update your Google Earth Map when you install an update to Hellfire.  If this is the case, carry out the following steps.

  1. Locate the Hellfire root folder in the My Places folder.  In the above image, it is the folder highlighted in blue.  Note: it is NOT the one sitting under the Hellfire Real Time Updates folder.
  2. Delete the Hellfire root folder (press the delete key)

  3. Click OK to confirm.
  4. Start the newly updated version of Hellfire and when it has finished loading, go into Game Settings
  5. Select the Google Earth tab and then select Configure Local Mode.
  6. If you have previously configured Google Earth (quite likely if you are now updating the map) you will already see the current location of the folder where Hellfire is writing its files for Google Earth. 

    Even if you do see the current folder location (as in the above image) you still need to click Select Local Folder.  

  7. There is no need to change the previously selected folder.  Just hit OK to close the dialog box and the updated file will be written to the folder.
  8. Just as when you set up Google Earth for the first time, double click Hellfire.kml (NOT Update.kmz) and Google Earth will load up the new map.
  9. You can now start up a Hellfire Game if desired.
  10. When exiting Google Earth, you will be prompted to save items from your Temporary Places folder into your My Places folder.  I recommend you do this to avoid having to find Hellfire.kml every time you want to load up the Hellfire map in Google Earth.
  11. Important - once you have the Hellfire Map on your My Places folder, do NOT start up Google Earth by double-clicking Hellfire.kml again.  This will result in multiple instance of the map being loaded up into Google Earth.
  12. For full details on setting up Google Earth with Hellfire, see