Saturday, 25 February 2017

How To: Edit your Needs List

I received a request this week for some advice on how to remove a loco from a Needs List.  It transpires that the loco in question, 13002, had been scooped a while back, but for some reason was still showing as required in the person's needs list.

Anyway, here is how to do it:

If you are running a career, you need to start a game with that career file, and at the end of the game you can save your Needs List.

If you are not running a career, you should already have your needs list available as a text file.

You can use Notepad to edit the file and simply remove the offending loco from the list.

Start a new game, and at the point where you load up your career file, you can also import your edited needs list.

Firstly - select your career file as usual.

Then click Browse for Needs List and select the edited Needs List text file.

Note that the file name will appear in the box where you would normally enter the percentage required locos (if you are not running a career).

Start the game, and respond to the following prompts as below:

Say YES to the prompt asking if you want to merge or replace your needs list.

OK, so this one might seem a little cryptic, but for these purposes, you need to answer NO, so that the newly imported Needs List will completely replace the existing one.

You should now find that the loco you removed from the Needs List text file will no longer be shown as required in your career.

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  1. In the next release of Hellfire (V3.3.5) you will be able to export your Needs List at any point in the game. Just go to the Needs List Screen and there is a new button to export your Needs List.